Cookie Information featured in EADPP’s European Catalog

Cookie Information is thrilled to announce their inclusion in EADPP's ‘Catalog of Data Protection Technology Solutions’, showcasing tech providers helping organizations protect personal data and comply with GDPR.
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EADPP’s European Catalog now includes Cookie Information solutions

Yesterday, September 25, The European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) launched their ‘Catalog of Data Protection Technology Solutions’.

Cookie Information’s innovative solutions are featured in the catalog, a non-commercial educational project designed to promote GDPR compliance and privacy-preserved data sharing.
This initiative by EADPP seeks to serve various parties, including DPOs, data protection experts, and internal stakeholders from companies investing in data privacy solutions.

The catalog – one component of a broader project undertaken by EADPP – is set to receive regular updates, fostering collaboration and the exchange of expertise in data protection worldwide.

The project also includes the development of a dedicated knowledge-sharing portal providing opportunities for catalog participants to present how their solutions effectively tackle issues related to data protection while enabling end-users and buyers to express their experiences and concerns.


The European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) was founded in November 2018 as the first independent European non-profit organization for individuals from around the world who are interested in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Through education, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, EADPP brings together professionals to foster GDPR compliance and promote data privacy best practices.