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GDPR compliance [free]

In the Cookie Compliance Report we provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • Does your website have a cookie pop-up?
  • Does your pop-up collect and store valid consents?
  • Can your users say no thanks to cookies (opt-out)?
  • Does your website hold back cookies before you have obtained consent (prior consent)?
  • Does your website have a description of all  cookies, their purpose and life-span?
  • Does your website have a complete list of all third-parties receiving your users' personal data?

We will email you the report within 48 hours.

As part of the service, we will contact you to provide you with a personalized review of your website's compliance level.

If you cannot wait, you can always book a meeting with us.

Cookie Information helps you become ePR and GDPR cookie compliant on your website.