Cookie Policy Explained

How to get a GDPR compliant cookie policy?

What does a GDPR compliant cookie policy contain? And how do you create one? Let's take you through the fundamentals.

What is a cookie policy?

A GDPR compliant cookie policy is a notice to your website visitors about which cookies your website uses, what type of data they collect, for what purposes this data is processed and for how long time the cookies will continue to be stored on the visitors’ computers. The cookie policy is typically a part of the privacy policy but dedicated to data collected by cookies. It is advisable to have a dynamically generated cookie policy on your website, i.e. a policy that is updated with each scan of your website, so your site is transparent about which data is collected and why.  Link: What is a cookie?
Link: British ICO on cookies

Checklist for a GDPR compliant cookie policy

How to get a cookie policy on your website?

Do you need a cookie policy for your website to be GDPR compliant?

The answer is “yes”. Is it hard to get? “No!”

With Cookie Information you can easily get a policy for your site. 

We scan your website for cookies and trackers on all your subpages. This information is automatically written into your policy for cookies and is updated every single time you have your website scanned. 

You choose the frequency of scans which can vary from daily to weekly to monthly. Every time, we update your policy.  

Cookie Information‘s Consent Solution includes a legally valid cookie policy which is automatically created based on scans of your website. 

Every piece of information your visitor needs about cookies, processing purposes and lifespan is readily present in the policy and is easy to understand. 

Furthermore, your visitor will be able to change or withdraw consent in the policy as well. 

For American customers, our Cookie Policy also includes the obligatory “do not sell” link which is required by the CCPA. 

Link: What is the CCPA?

Cookie information's Cookie Consent Solution includes: