Google Consent Mode: Get data for Google Analytics and Ads even when users reject cookies!

Tired of losing valuable analytics’ data when users reject cookies? Tired that you cannot measure how many converted from a specific campaign in Google Ads? With Google Consent Mode, you won’t lose valuable analytics data anymore.
Because with Google Consent Mode, you can now:​
Never miss out on valuable analytics’ and campaign data again. Get Google Consent Mode with Cookie Information. Data and cookie compliance.

Why do you need Google Consent Mode?

Imagine that you have set up a campaign in Google Ads.
You would like to know how it performs to understand if the conversions are attributed to that specific campaign.
But when users reject cookies, you lose this data. You need to take advantage of valuable insights. And it will be harder for you to determine if your ad was a success or not.
Not anymore!
With Google Consent Mode, you get data for Google Ads and Google Analytics, even from those users who reject cookies on your website.
Consent Mode uses pings instead of cookies when users reject cookies.
You get aggregated cookie-less data about campaign conversions while respecting your users’ consent choices!
That means you get a clearer picture of how your campaigns are performing.

What are the benefits of Google Consent Mode? ​

Data and compliance!
Yes – that’s the main benefit for you as a marketeer who wants to know how to spend your marketing budget best. 
With Google Consent Mode, you will get insights about campaign performance that are otherwise lost. 
All this while respecting your users’ privacy.
When your visitors accept cookies, you get data as usual. You get anonymized and aggregated data for Google Ads and Analytics when they don’t accept cookies. 
That means Consent Mode allows you to increase your data collection to give you more significant insights into campaign and marketing performance. 
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How does Google Consent Mode work? ​

Google Consent Mode only works with a Consent Management Platform like Cookie Information.
Consent Mode receives information about your users’ consent choices directly from your Consent Management Platform (CMP).
When users accept or reject cookies in your cookie banner, Consent Mode can change the behaviour of Google Tags and how these communicate with other Google products like Analytics and Ads.
If a visitor on your website gives consent to cookies, cookies will be used (business as usual).
If your visitor rejects cookies, Consent Mode will not use cookies but use pings instead to communicate that an event happened (a conversion).
Events that pings are used for are:
  • Consent status: Pings are sent from each page a user visits (this also includes whether consent given by the user has been changed) for each cookie category.
  • Conversions: If a conversion happens, pings are sent to inform that this has taken place.
  • Google Analytics: Pings are sent on the pages where Google Analytics has been implemented – any visits and events get logged.
Although you may miss out on the possibility of getting detailed data about your visitors for retargeting campaigns and personalized advertising, you will still be able to measure conversions from Ads campaigns and website traffic.
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How can Cookie Information help you?

Google Consent Mode is fully integrated with Cookie Information.
That enables you to stay GDPR compliant while getting valuable insights from all those users who reject cookies. Everything is in an anonymized and aggregated fashion.
Cookie Information is a Consent Management Platform (CMP). We provide our clients (+250,000) with a cookie banner designed to comply with global privacy laws.
And the cookie banner pop-up is also designed for both small companies with one website and top 100 companies with numerous, large websites.
You can customize your cookie banner anyway you want. Add your logo, brand colors, and tone of voice when asking for consent to cookies.
You get a Consent Management Platform with Google Consent Mode that gets insights for Google Ads and Google Analytics while respecting your users’ consent choices.

Get Consent Mode today

Respect your users’ consent choices, without compromising your marketing performance.

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