What type of Partner are you?


  • You manage your clients’ consent solutions
  • You require tools to achieve compliance
  • We offer personal support all the way!
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  • No technical management of solutions
  • We solve your clients' challenges
  • Get a Designated Account Manager
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  • Function only as a compliance advisor
  • We provide all necessary information for your success
  • Co-hosted webinars
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Cookie Information is growing fast and we would like to partner with agencies and trusted advisors who are interested in providing value added solutions to their clients.

With our partner program, you and your company get access to a number of digital services that will help your clients’ websites and mobile apps to comply with GDPR and ePrivacy.

We also provide personal support and several training tools so that you will be able to give your customers high quality consent solutions that can be tailored to their websites.

We work with web agencies and law firms and would most certainly like to work with you too.


What is a reseller?

You will manage and implement the consent solution directly on your client's website.

We will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge for your success.

  • This is where you shine..
    • You create the solution for your clients
    • You design the solution for your clients
    • You implement the solution for your clients
    • You invoice your clients
  • This is where we shine..
    • We provide you with free online training
    • We update you, if your clients consent solution needs alteration
    • We let you know if anything in the legislation changes
    • We support you in configurating and implementing the solution on your clients' website
  • What we deliver - upfront
    • An introduction e-mail with your partner discount code
    • A video introduction to creating your clients’ solutions
    • In depth video training of how to implement our Cookie Consent Solution
For all of our resellers we offer 20% partner cut and support via e-mail or phone.
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You would only to refer your client and leave the technical management and implementation to us.

In collaboration with your client, we will solve their compliance and privacy challenges.

We can function as your «compliance department», handle all compliance issues directly with your client and make sure their website is GDPR compliant.

We are here to help both you and your client succeed. We call this a referral.

  • This is where you shine..
    • You refer your client to us
  • This is where we shine..
    • We have a meeting with the client to help them understand how to be cookie Compliant
    • We draft a contract and negotiate the terms with the client
    • We assign an Account Manager to the client and you
    • We invoice the client
  • This is where the both of us shine..
    • Together, we arrange who create, design, and implement the solution to best suit the clients needs
    • We train and guide you in the implementation process
    • We help you understand the maintenance for the service
For all of our referrers we offer a designated Account Manager and 10% discount to their end clients.
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Compliance advisor

Sometimes you just need information to understand the world of cookies and consents.

We offer information to Advisors; this can be Lawyers, DPOs, CMS developers, Public Authorities, Organizations, NGOs, and the like.

We understand the need to have a dialogue about how companies become cookie compliant.

We call this a referral.

  • This is where you shine..
    • You want to understand current legislation and guidelines for cookies, consents, and websites
  • This is where we shine..
    • We help you understand the technical aspect of a consent solution and how websites and legal interplay
    • We help you create information for your end clients / members
  • This is where the both of us shine..
    • We co-host webinars
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How to become a partner?

Thank you very much for deciding to learn more about how Cookie Information strive to work with its partners. The main goal of Cookie Information is to ensure, that companies - essentially your clients - become cookie compliant.

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