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With Cookie Information, you get a reliable consent management solution that integrates natively with Consent Mode v2. This means you’ll send the right consent signals with Google Ads and Analytics, maintaining your conversion data and personalization features.
Start collecting valid user consents today and ensure your EEA ad campaigns keep running smoothly after March 2024.
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For growing businesses that want to achieve compliance and need only the most essential features

€15 /per month (per domain)

Achieve compliance with the most essential features.

Customizable cookie banner
Cookie policy
Automatic weekly scans
Integrated Consent Mode v2 

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For businesses that want to have complete control over their compliance with advanced consent insights and monitoring of privacy risks

€34 /per month (per domain)

All Essential features plus advanced consent insights and privacy risk monitoring:

Consent rate optimization
Alerts on expiring and unclassified cookies

How do you implement Consent Mode v2?

The easiest way to implement Consent Mode v2 and keep your conversion modelling and ad personalization is through Cookie Information, a certified Google CMP partner – start with a free 30-day trial!
Pick one of our templates compatible with Consent Mode v2, and then you have three implementation options:
cookie information cmv2
Directly on your website (via a script in the <head> section)
Cookie Information Tag manager
Via Tag Manager
Cookie Information WordPress plugin
Via our WordPress plugin
Respect user privacy without compromising your marketing goals. Compliant data collection starts with a cookie banner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google introduced Consent Mode v2 in late November 2023. It is a tool that communicates user’s consent choices to Google, ensuring that the Google Tags you use on your website fire accordingly and process user data in compliance with Google’s EU user consent policy.
Consent Mode is a vital integration for advertisers who wish to continue using Google Ads and Google Analytics in the EEA region.
Yes. A compliant cookie banner that collects and shares consent signals with Google is a prerequisite for implementing Consent Mode v2.
As a certified Google CMP partner, Cookie Information has developed a seamless integration with Consent Mode v2.
Using one of the banner templates compatible with Consent Mode v2, you can easily implement CMv2 and maintain measurement and personalization capabilities in Google products after March 2024.
Cookie Information is a Certified Google CMP Partner, which ensures your Consent Mode v2 integration is easy to set up and will run smoothly.
On top of that, it is one of the most trusted consent management platforms in Europe. We’re currently offering a 50% lifetime discount for new customers – making it easier and cheaper to get started with Consent Mode v2 before the March deadline.

Do you offer basic or advanced CMv2 implementation?

You can implement Consent Mode v2 in two ways – Basic and Advanced. The main difference is whether Google Tags fire before or after the user consents. Both implementations ensure you get additional conversion data and benefit from conversion modeling.
Using Advanced requires you to install an additional script but gives you more precise data.
Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform is compatible with both implementations.
Without Consent Mode v2, data accuracy in your Google Ads and Analytics platforms will significantly decrease after March 2024.
You won’t be able to collect any new data for users in the EEA region – this affects your audiences and remarketing, as well as your measurement and reporting. Your bidding algorithms will run on inaccurate data, leading to wasted budget and missed conversion data.