6 quick insights on data protection

How many countries have implemented data protection legislation and how satisfied are people with them? Here are 6 facts about data protection from 2021!
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Data protection is a hot topic these years. It’s something we all have an opinion about and something that is discussed both in governments and in private businesses. 

So we have checked to see what condition data protection was in in 2021. 

Here are 6 quick facts about data protection. 

Rise in digitalization requires focus on privacy

With the rise of digitalization among companies, governments across the world have begun implementing and enforcing privacy legislations to protect the end-user, then citizen.

We have collected vital insights from some of the world’s leading players in privacy.

This infographic summarizes 6 facts about

  1. legislations across the world;
  2. how well GDPR is integrated across companies;
  3. how satisfied citizens are with the data protection regulation of their country;
  4. how COVID has impacted the number of companies that are GDPR compliant;
  5. how important data privacy is for users;
  6. what the largest GDPR fines so far are.
6 facts about data protection infographic

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