10 recommendations for choosing the right CMP

10 recommendations for choosing the right CMP

What should you look for when choosing the right Consent Management Platform? Here we give you 10 recommendations so you can choose a solution that makes your website comply with privacy laws such as the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR.

What should you look for in a CMP?

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is essential for your company's website when using cookies. 

Choosing the right CMP secures your ePrivacy and GDPR compliance and sends a strong message to your users that you take their privacy seriously. 

Here are 10 things you should look for when choosing a good CMP for your website.

10 things to look for in a CMP!


Set no cookies before you get consent

Make sure your CMP can technically hold back cookies until your user has given consent to cookies.


No pre-ticked boxes for cookies

Make sure you can set cookies as 'de-selected' as default. This is what the case against Planet49 was all about.


Consent log

Your CMP must technically be able to log and store all user consents for up to 5 years. With a consent log you can document consent to the Data Protection Authorities.


Cookies? No thanks

Make sure your CMP offers your user the possibility to 'say no thanks' to cookies (expect technically necessary cookies).


Withdraw or change consent

Your user must be able to change or withdraw consent to cookies. And preferably as easy as it was to give consent.


Cookie purposes

Your CMP should be able to distinguish between different cookie purposes, e.g. statistics, marketing, functional cookies. Only set cookies for the purposes your visitor has chosen.


TCF 2.0

If you are an IAB member, your CMP should technically be able to follow IAB standards (TCF) for cookies and privacy. Contact your vendor for questions on this.


Cookie policy

A good CMP automatically produces your cookie policy based on a deep scan of your website. A cookie policy should contain a list of all cookies and trackers, their purpose and lifespan and a list of third-party providers receiving data.


Scan frequency and depth

A CMP is worth nothing if it does not deep scan your website frequently for cookies and other trackers. The scan reveals all potential risks and breaches to your cookie privacy program.


Edit banner text and descriptions

Your CMP should let you be able to edit descriptions and banner text yourself. And(!) let you style and design the cookie banner with your company logo and colors. Afterall, it's your website and your banner.

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How can Cookie Information help your company's cookie compliance?

We provide our clients with a state-of-the-art Consent Management Platform.

Our CMP meets all the requirements mentioned above and when implemented correctly, complies with both the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR.

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With Cookie Information's CMP you can:

  • hold back cookies before consent is obtained;
  • make sure cookies are not pre-selected;
  • log all your user consents securely in our database;
  • offer your users a 'reject cookies' option;
  • set cookies by purpose (and respect your users' choices);
  • offer your users an easy way to change or withdraw consent;
  • get an IAB solution with TCF standards;
  • get an automated and valid cookie policy;
  • have your website scanned frequently for all cookies and trackers;
  • edit banner text, descriptions and style your banner with logo and company colors.