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Collect compliant consents on your websites and apps and comply with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA
Trusted by 250,000 websites in more than 140 countries

The best CMP for businesses and brands

Eliminate the risk of being fined by demonstrating full compliance with global data protection regulations with reliable and scalable consent collection on websites and apps.

Maximize revenue and user trust by proactively monitoring and optimizing opt-in rates across your digital portfolio.

Fill your marketing funnel with compliant data

Provide your marketing team with compliant data for Analytics and Ads. Collect anonymized conversion data with Google Consent Mode and protect brand reputation by eliminating the risk of being fined.


Build, maintain and deploy consent collection at scale

Integrate consent management directly with your existing IT & marketing stacks. All consent records are maintained and stored securely inside the EU.

Ensure compliance

Comply with global regulations and local interpretations.  

Equip your marketing and IT teams with tools that ensure data protection compliance.

Report and track compliance and data breaches across websites and apps.


Monitor and optimize consent rates across your digital platforms

Get real-time insights about consent opt-in rates. Integrate with Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, or any other tool to gain insights into customer journeys without compromising user trust or risking being fined.

They have been incredible to work with over the past couple of years and are very passionate about what they do and offer to their customers.

Nathanuel Williams

Application Manager

The best Consent Manager for businesses and organizations

250,000 websites already trust us with their GDPR compliance

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