Improve your marketing strategy with an analytics suite that leverages first-party data

Oana Iulia Dobelis
With the merger of Cookie Information and Piwik PRO, you can now benefit from a future-proof analytics platform that allows you to analyze and streamline customer journeys while staying committed to your privacy and compliance priorities. Let’s unravel what benefits this could bring for your business.
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Get complete insights into your customer journey

Recent developments in digital marketing have brought new challenges to the quality and accuracy of the insights a business is collecting when using third-party sources. The accuracy of the data is highly dependent on external factors, such as third-party cookies (which are being phased out in 2024), regulations that impact how one should gather user consent (such as the recent Digital Markets Act) and browser restrictions (such as ITP).

In order to stay competitive in this new digital world, it’s time to look for alternative ways of gathering insights, which are less reliant on third-parties. Start leveraging your own first-party data and get complete and accurate insights. All while respecting the highest standards of privacy. How is this possible? Through data anonymization.

When users say ‘no’ to cookies, you can still get valuable information about their behavior on your website, how they engage with your content, and whether they convert or not – just in an anonymized form instead. This is a substantial benefit, and it equips you to make better-informed business decisions and properly evaluate the impact of your marketing initiatives.


Data that is easy to understand and fuels informed decisions

Many analytics tools available offer you sampled data. This does not provide you with the full picture and can lead to inaccurate conclusions impacting the performance of your digital marketing.
You have data in a raw form easily accessible, which gives you full control over how you want to customize and visualize your insights – you can build your own dashboards that present data in the way that gives most value to you and the relevant stakeholders.
Another plus is that you can bid farewell to tedious data export processes. Your raw data seamlessly flows into business intelligence and visualization tools (such as Power BI or Looker Studio), with no additional plugins required.
You also benefit from extended data storage periods compared to other analytics tools. Get 14 months by default, and extend to 25 months – or even longer with an Enterprise plan.
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Seamless integrations for efficient digital marketing

Switching to a privacy-by-design analytics tool does not mean you need to compromise the performance of your marketing campaigns. You have direct access to a fully compliant Tag Manager that works in ways you’re familiar with. You have full control over the data you’re collecting and you can easily make sure that the tags only fire when the appropriate consent is in place.

On top of that you also get access to a Customer Data Platform. This allows you to create relevant audiences and activate them across your marketing channels. You can integrate data from anywhere, use the platform to segment based on behavior (even real-time customer interactions), and make good use of these segments, ensuring you are reaching the right people at the right time.

You can continue using Google Products (like Google Ads, Google Search Console), automation tools (such as Zapier), and your preferred CMS (e.g. WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace).

Guaranteed compliance with data regulations such as GDPR & CCPA

There are many regulations that cover how you should be collecting, storing, and processing personal data. But do you always have control over what happens with this data in your current digital marketing setup? A big majority of companies still rely on third-party data for their advertising, but this type of data is often limited as its quality depends on external factors.

An analytics platform that helps you leverage your first-party data (the data you own and don’t share with anybody else) can help you get unique and accurate insights into your customer journey, without the potential privacy risks associated with third-party data.

Pair that with benefits like safe EU hosting (among other location options) for your data and easy integration with your consent management platform (especially when using Cookie Information as your web consent solution) to future proof your marketing setup, ensuring you have access to complete and compliant data without restrictions due to stricter regulations.

Transition to a first-party data strategy with one integrated analytics suite

Collecting and leveraging your first-party data gives you full control over your customers’ data while still respecting user privacy and data security. And it’s undoubtedly the future of digital marketing.
It’s easier than ever to get started, as you can get everything you need for managing your customer data in one place: world-class consent management, web analytics, a tag manager, and a customer data platform.
Your journey towards accurate customer insights starts with a conversation – book yours now here .