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With this powerful cookie banner, you can:

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Join 250,000 websites and get a cookie banner that complies with national cookie rules and the GDPR. Cookie Information’s Certified Consent Management Platform helps you collect valid consent to cookies on your website. Stay ahead of data privacy laws and become GDPR compliant today.

Trusted by 250,000 websites in more than 140 countries

Data Privacy laws are getting stricter.
Avoid fines and secure your users' privacy.
Get a proven cookie banner from Cookie Information. Today.

With Cookie Information, you get:

A compliant & customizable cookie banner

Get a cookie banner that fits your website’s design and your brand’s voice. 

With little customization, you can make the cookie banner look like an integrated part of your website. 

Make the banner your own and optimize it for getting a “yes” to cookies. 

Your cookie banner from Cookie Information:


Secured cookie compliance - where ever you are

No matter where you are located. No matter where you have users.  

Cookie Information will ensure that your website stays compliant with national and international data privacy laws. 

Your cookie banner from Cookie Information:

Is easy to implement on any website, on any CMS!

You don’t have to be a developer to get a professional consent solution! 

Cookie Information’s cookie banner is easy to implement. 

We have developed plugins for the most popular CMS’ and integrations, so you can use the cookie banner with the systems you use.  

Your cookie banner from Cookie Information:


Afraid of losing your analytics' data? Don't be.

We understand. Some people will say no to cookies and you will lose those data. But we have got you covered. 

Cookie Information’s clients averages 80% “yes” to cookiesFor the rest, you get Google Consent Mode as a default integration in your consent solution.

Google Consent Mode gets you aggregated data for Google Analytics and Google Ads from all those who reject cookies.   

Your cookie banner from Cookie Information:


We will help you all the way!

Cookie Information’s Consent Solution is easy to implement on your website. 

But if you do need help, we are here for you. Both before and after implementation. 

We help you: 

We’ve been working with Cookie Information since 2019. They offer a compatible, reliable, and adaptable solution that fits well with our brand and our client's compliance needs. We can always reach out to them whenever necessary and that makes our work much easier.
Simon Brunemark
Full Stack Developer

Try Cookie Information's Consent Solution today!
And get a GDPR compliant cookie banner for your website.

Join 250,000 websites who already secure their GDPR cookie compliance with Cookie Information.

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Not a problem. We are always here to answer all your questions about how we can help you secure your cookie compliance. 

We are here for you, whenever you have the time to talk. 

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Why choose Cookie Information?
Because you get:

GDPR compliant cookie banner
  • Frequent & Automatic cookie scans
  • Automatic cookie blocking
  • Privacy controls & cookie policy
  • Fully customizable banner
  • +40 languages
Easy setup & full documentation
  • Easy implementation of cookie banner
  • Plugins to most popular CMS’
  • Knowledge base with +10.000 cookies
  • Google Consent Mode Integration
  • All documetation in Support Centre. 
Non-stop security
  • Consents stored for 5 years
  • We monitor all server, middleware and applications 24/7
  • Uptime is 99.5% (from go-live date)
  • Always up-do-date cookie policy
  • Encrypted Security
Legal aspects & compliance
  • GDPR & ePrivacy compliance
  • Compliance with all other international data privacy laws
  • IAB TCF Certified
  • All user consents stored within EU/EEA
Dedicated and personal support
  • Great support team (in multiple languages)
  • Ticket and Chat Support
  • Dedicated managers 
  • Service agreements
  • Assistances to pass audits
Compliance Dashboard
  • Monitors risks and breaches
  • Advanced Consent Reporting
  • Advanced Compliance Reporting
  • Data Retention Monitoring
  • Schrems II Monitoring